Debjani, an embodiment of Raga, Rasa, Mudra, Movement and Rhythm!

Sri Bivas Chakroborty

Veteran Theatre Personality of International Fame


On stage she is an Indian Sculptural Work brought to life with her Mudra, Movement and Rhythm!

Sri Bivas Chakroborty

Veteran Theatre Personality of International Fame


As the name ''Debjani'' reflects, she is Divine and Pure. Obviously Passion, Love and Care reflects in her every work.

Dr. Srimati P Rama Devi

Veteran Classical Dancer of International Fame

debjani chatterjee
Indian Classical Dance & Art Form is an awareness that begins at an Universal level, gradually elevates to a Cosmic Level & ultimately has the potential to transcend to the Spiritual Level, thereby creating an experience of  “Brahmananda” or Bliss.

“An artist is not any special kind of human;
But every human is a special kind of artist.”

Guru Srimati Debjani Chatterjee

That is my vision & together with the form or technique of Bharatnatyam, I strive to fulfil my purpose of dance – to create it’s essence.

Prabaha Kalabhoomi

Srimati Debjani Chatterjee is also the founder-principal of Prabaha Kalabhoomi, Kolkata, training youngsters the nuances of Bharatnatyam in the Chidambaram style through Guru-Shishya Parampara with the aim to instil and propagate awareness of our rich Indian heritage & culture.

Created and maintained in the traditional custom of Guru-Shishya Parampara, Prabaha Kalabhoomi aspires to prepare a unique school of performers with enriched discipline, vision & creativity and a view to make a positive change towards formation of a better society.

With the encouragement & support by the patrons, Prabaha has extended wings to start a new Department under its portal – Vocal Music – under the able guidance of very talented & sincere mentors.


Under the able guidance of Guru Srimati Debjani Chatterjee, Prabaha Kalabhoomi has successfully launched several pure classical as well as classical-based experimental Dance Theatre productions since its inception.

The students of Prabaha, amongst much critical appraisement, have participated in many state level competitions and won laurels & accolades for the institute.