The Academy

At Prabaha, Dance is taught not as a mere artistic discipline, but as a holistic training including all the aspects of a performing art namely Philosophy, History, Theory of Dance, Music, Stagecraft, Light Design, Make-Up, Costume, Jewellery & Accessories and so on. The essence that “Indian Classical Dance is a form of life, a philosophy” is followed at Prabaha.

Bharatnatyam - Curriculum

Training in Bharatnatyam is imparted in the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara. The following courses in the dance discipline are taught at Prabaha Kalabhoomi.


Offline Courses

This is a Special Beginners’ Curriculum for the “Kuttis”, that is the early joiners between age groups 3 to 6. This introductory course introduces them to the world of dancing and aims at increasing their love towards the discipline.

(all age Groups)
1. ADYA : The Foundation Level
2. MADHYA : The Middle Level – Initiation to Padas
3. ANTA : The Senior Level – Completion of all Padas in basic Margam

Advanced MARGAM
(15 years & above)
This is only taught to serious and senior practitioners and those who have successfully completed the Basic Margam.
A very unique curriculum, it is a specially customised course for the mothers, late learners and all those who are interested in experiencing the nuances of Classical Dancing.

Online Courses

Connecting students from across the globe
Full Margam training to new learners of all ages.
Basic Bharatnatyam foundations for new learners of all ages.
Special curriculum including foundation, few middle & senior level lessons, theory, science of choreography etc for experienced dancers.
Specially curated curriculum for experienced dancers with customised lessons on textual studies including Natyashastra, technique- grammer, science of composing, natya & abhinaya etc for a holistic training.
debjani performance

Vocal Music - Curriculum

The curriculum includes training in basic Classical Voice Training, Semi-classical, Devotional, Light Classical, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrulgeeti, etc. The course is divided into two parts.

Foundation Level

Advanced Level

Regular appraisal as well as performance are a part of the training to groom young aspirants as well as learners irrespective of age, to attain proficiency to perform and pursue their passion for Indian music.

The vocal music department of Prabaha Kalabhoomi is conducted under the mentorship of Internationally acclaimed Vocalist Srimati Chandrabali Rudra Dutta, where students are trained by her able disciple Srimati Panini Sengupta.


Prabaha Kalabhoomi has been hosting regular performances in pure & traditional Bharatnatyam form on reputed platforms in and around the country. Prabaha vidayrthis have participated in many competitions at the State level and have made the academy proud.

Social Outreach Initiatives

As a part of its social awareness program, Prabaha Kalabhoomi provides special training to underprivileged children & those with special needs as a means to reach out and spread the aura of dance and analyzing the therapeutic value of dance as well.
The Gift of Joy event is being organised at Prabaha Kalabhoomi since 2020 in memory of Srimati Sukla Roy, mother of Srimati Debjani Chatterjee. We, at Prabaha, gift new dresses to a few underprivileged children from Sundarbans, in association with NGO Bacchbo. We are glad that this little act brings a smile in the festive season for  the kids.
ATMASANGAMAM, an inaugural performance by the children of SURYAKIRAN (an outreach initiative of the Heritage School, Kolkata) organized by Prabaha Kalabhoomi. The program was conceptualized, choreographed and directed by Srimati Debjani Chatterjee.