Prabaha Kalabhoomi aims to promote Indian tradition & classicism, through training youngsters & organizing cultural programs on a regular basis. The style of the particular specialization is Chidambaram, created by Padmashri Guru Srimati Chitra Visweswaran of Chennai, which is a blend of the three styles-Thanjavur, Vazhuvar & Pandanallur.


The troupe is equipped with several young talented & competent Bharatnatyam dancers well trained in full Bharatnatyam repertoire and equally skilled in performing other group productions based either on experimental concepts or on literary works of poets & composers like Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Jaydev, Surdas, Govindas as well as on world music using compositions of Beethoven, Bach, Beatles and so on.


Prabaha Kalabhoomi has staged several exceptional classical as well as experimental dance-theatre productions to its credit.


Prabaha Kalabhoomi has also organized in-house workshops and conducted seminars & interactive discussions on dance and interdisciplinary aspects like dance therapy, techniques of stagecraft, lighting, costume-makeup and so on. Apart from in-house personnel, technical experts are invited to share their expertise through such sessions. Guru Srimati Debjani Chatterjee has been instrumental in organizing and managing the following workshops and lectures.